Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is from the album "alone and forgotten" although I have to say that this will not be forgotten. This is among some of Christian Mossuto's better work in my opinion. He hails from Ontario Canada and is the sole constructor of the amazing works of Mossy. Although I usually only feature music that is free to download Mossy has most of his work available to watch on his youtube channel. You can check that out HERE

The album can be bought HERE

Friday, November 19, 2010

I&SON-Flood Effect

A quick quote taken from 1 of I&SONS online accounts "There are no borders in music when looking for beauty... This rule leads I&SON through all their composition, hardly to shelf their music to specific music genre. "

Free download of I&SONS track called Emotion HERE

Jo Hamilton-There it is

Jo Hamilton performing 'There It Is' from the album 'Gown' using an AirPiano. Taken from the short film 'A New Instrument'. In this video Jo plays the air piano.

"Award winning musician Jo Hamilton was the first to get her hands on an airpiano prototype. She practices and explores the instrument, plays it live and supports the development of the airpiano by reporting on her experiences playing it.

So where can you get one? Expect a brand new design with new features in a product that will soon be available. Feel free to contact me and i will update you as soon as the first airpianos will be ready for sale! Designed by Omer Yosha (contact@airpiano.de) , filed as a patent application."

excerpt taken from HERE airpiano.de

A free sampler of three of Jo Hamiltons songs including a track from the album "Gown" is available to download from Jo Hamiltons official site HERE .
The complete albums is available to buy from the official site HERE

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The wonderful Cr0okKid. "Born and raised in South London Cr0okKid the mix breed gypsy 'learned to spit bars' on the back streets of Streatham. Born and raised in South London Cr0okKid the mix breed gypsy 'learned to spit bars' on the back streets of Streatham.
Joining the infamous Red Eye Rhymer crew Cr0okKid further homed his Skills as a M.C switching between Grime and Hiphop learning to combine his natural Lyricism with flow.
In 2006 The Red Eye Rhymer crew split due to the incarceration of various core members of the group.
In 2008 Cr0okKid switched London for The U.S.A and is worked on His 'Mix Tape Made off of Minimum Wage"

Download here:

Glitch by Cr0okKid

Alphanaut - The Innocence of Time - Music Video

Free downloads for Alphanaut available HERE

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did You Hear?

This blog is intended for those who love to listen and make music and do not want to pay for the pleasure. My intention here is to link to non commercial music that is made available by the artists themselves for some guilt free listening. The sources will be numerous as we all the genres and I also hope to post a few questions to the artists themselves in relation to how they go about making music and the experiences they have gathered.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to be featured or have any other queries at Spankthechemicalchristians@gmail.com.